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General Questions

In case you have any questions to ask us regarding the service of the interracial dating sites we listed on the site, kindly visit each site’s help section. By going through the FAQ page, you can also get most of your general questions answered. FAQ page covers most of the general questions asked by our users and our answers cover almost all of them, unless the issue is of a specific nature. If you are unable to get a satisfactory reply, even after going through our FAQ page, you may please contact our help section.

Inquiries about the dating site

We do get a number of inquiries and clarifications about the dating site. If there happens to be any delay, kindly bear with us, as you know answering large number of mails takes quite some time, nevertheless, we assure you of an early answer. Alternatively, you can visit our Dating and relationship Forum wherein topics relating to online dating, advice on relationship are covered. If you have a technical question or inquiry about our billing, we request you to contact the customer service of each site immediately, so that the position could be corrected.


Feedbacks are very important to us; as they portray the effectiveness of our dating services rendered by us. We allow the feedbacks posted without any overriding by us, as we believe and respect the opinion of our customers. We encourage you to give your feedback about the services provided to you, as it will help us to do a better service. We assure you to reply you within 2-4 business days.

Matches not meeting my criteria

It is our utmost desire to help you in providing with matches meeting your expectations, but at times some of the matches may not exactly fit in your requirements. Our intention in such cases is that we try to provide you with matches that are as close as possible to wish choice.