Great Jewish Foods You Can Look Forward To When Dating A Jewish Person

Are you just embarking on a Jewish dating adventure? Are Jewish society and its traditions new to you? In addition to learning a storied history and a revered culture, with Jewish dating you will get to experience some terrific food!


If you have a sweet tooth, you'll love this traditional Jewish treat. These triangle shaped pastries are traditionally filled with a mixture of sweet poppy seed, but there are endless variations on this favorite treat.

Some will fill it with chocolate or jam, but the sky is really the limit. This treat is served during the Jewish holiday Purim. So if you're attending this holiday with your partner's Jewish family, expect to see these served.

The entire holiday of Purim is a big, fun festival, but these treats are definitely part of what makes it one of the best Jewish treats.


Do you love wine? Do you like cinnamon? You might not have ever imagined those two things going together, but this dish combines it beautifully.

Traditionally eaten during Passover, it symbolizes the bricks that were made for the Pharaoh while slaves in Egypt. Don't be fooled into thinking this dessert resembles a brick in taste, however. It's made with chopped up apples, nuts, and a generous amount of wine and cinnamon. It all comes together to make a delicious dessert.


Have you ever wished for a sweet treat that is half cookie and half pastry? Your wishes have come true. This delicious rolled up desert calls for cream cheese in the dough, which pretty much guarantees that it's totally delicious.

You can expect the mouth-watering dough to be filled with equally mouth-watering treats. Some versions call for chocolate in the filling, while others favor cinnamon sugar and nuts. No matter which version your Jewish partner prefers, you're in for a treat.

Try making these at home yourself whenever you want something sweet and tasty to nibble on. If you surprise your Jewish partner with these, they'll love you forever.


It's likely that you've already heard the name of this Jewish comfort food before, but until you've tried it, you don't know anything yet. This is widely regarded as one of the best Jewish dishes out there.

If a family get together involves Kugel, everybody shows up. If you've managed to date a Jewish person that makes Kugel for you, you've got a keeper for life. Next time you and your sweetheart have a quiet night in, ask them to make this for you.

If they can't, they'll be able to ask their parents. Jewish mothers love this recipe!

Matzo Ball Soup

Like a comforting bowl of chicken noodle soup, but a million times better, this is the go-to food for sick days. The delicious chicken soup is accompanied by dumplings made of matzo crumbs. It's hearty, it's filling, and it's a Jewish recipe worth knowing.

Make a big pot of this and cuddle up under the blankets watching a movie. You'll never feel more content than in that moment.

Most Jewish people learn how to make this dish from their family, so there are a million of variations, with the core deliciousness staying the same.