How Do Secular Jews View Jewish Dating?

Posted by | September 2nd, 2016

It’s important to keep in mind that many Jews are secular when it comes to religion and tradition. They may love the culture and the community of being Jewish, but are not as scrutinizing as Conservative or Orthodox Jews when it comes to applying law to day to day affairs. You may have wondered about this yourself, especially if you have interest in interracial Jewish dating, or maybe even want to marry a Jewish person who is Orthodox while you’re Reform or not religious at all.

Reform Judaism and Reconstructionist Judaism allows for individual interpretation of Jewish Law, and so they don’t forbid intermarriage, nor do they require strict interpretation of law, such as in the need to have children or marry only opposite sex partners. In fact, the Central Conference of American Rabbis passed a resolution which approved of same sex civil marriages back in the 1990s

So even though all these parties may be Jewish, as you can see, there is a wide difference of thought between the branches of Judaism. When it comes to personal opinions, there are also many differences. Some people you know may be secular or even agnostic-atheist, and yet still feel part of the Jewish community because of the shared culture.

You should remember that some Conservatives and Orthodox members will consider intermarriage invalid, and do believe that a person whose mother was not Jewish is not a Jew, nor is a converted Jew truly Jewish if he was converted by a liberal authority.

So while you may have your own opinions on such matters, do realize that there may be some argument or resentment if you flaunt these beliefs in front of people who have opposite ideologies, and this can cause quarreling in the family.

A Practical View of Intermarrying

Many Jews do intermarry with Gentiles (Goys) today, but in doing so take on the responsibilities and consequences in doing so. This could mean living in a stressful household if the family is divided, or if a husband and wife have opposite opinions in how a child should be raised.

Of course, many couples start off as Jewish and non-Jewish and the latter eventually converts, as a gesture of good will towards the family. This is a fairly common scenario and it can really work too, provided both couples respect each other’s beliefs, have the ability to compromise, and above all, have love for each other that is stronger than superficial differences.

Some single non-Jewish women actually want to date Jewish men because of their lifestyle and strong family values. Some men may also have an attraction to Jewish women. So as long as there is still honor given to each other and the promise of marriage is taken seriously, everyone can be happy.

Fortunately Jewish dating sites has made it possible to reach out and find someone who shares your values, religion, lifestyle and opinions on political or social issues. Take advantage of this and find someone you’re going to connect with on a deeper level—it will make your marriage stronger and always full of joy.