Jewish Dating for Men -- Then and Now

Posted by | October 29th, 2016

To the writing of many books there is no end…and boy, did Jewish kings of old have plenty to say in matters of love. King David and King Solomon were quite the father and son poet team and gave us plenty of wisdom in their observations of romantic love.

Jewish Kings Knew How Complicated Love Was

David was a very passion individual and wrote songs and some of the Psalms. Jewish scholars suggest many of his entries were inspired by the political turmoil that he was facing.

His love-based sin with Bathsheba inspired some amazing passages of sorrow, loneliness and faith. The well known pop song “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen references David.

Solomon, however, gets much of the credit for writing the proverbs of love. Ironically, it was the man of many beautiful wives who complained of the quality of “good women”; for a noble-minded woman’s value, he said, was worth more than corals.

Numerous other ancient accounts mention the importance of finding true Jewish love—and not just with anyone. Much is written about the importance of finding a woman who understands your ethnicity, culture and faith.

Why Does It Really Matter?

Naturally, among the Jewish faith there are many movements within, from Orthodox to reformed. Not all Jewish people are strictly religious. But it does seem true that young Jewish men find Jewish women more compatible, by in large. They oftentimes come from similar backgrounds.

There are Jewish traditions and preferences that exist, even in households that are not religious. It helps when two people have a lot in common intellectually, physically and in terms of background. Jewish families are also very close and it’s always a good feeling when the two families get along just as well as the singles in love.

The truth is that shared culture and background matters. Lust doesn’t last forever. Attraction is not only physical but emotional and mental. This is why, if you want a long-lasting marriage and good family life, it pays to do good research.

Don’t settle too early when you start dating. Romantic bliss and physical desire can blind you to the faults of a person. Even worse, the heart can blind you to the fact that you’re really not all that compatible. What then? What if you’re stuck in a marriage where the two of you can’t stand each other? Too bad you never got her to sign that prenup contract!

This illustrates an important point. When you’re seriously dating for love and romance, you’re looking for a long-term commitment. You’re looking for a capable wife. Someone who will be supportive of you and your endeavors, professional and personal.

This is a subject you ought to spend considerable time thinking over. Thankfully, with a Jewish dating website, you can filter out people you know are wrong for you. That saves you a lot of heartache and confusion right there. Spend more quality time getting to know the people you really can connect with and enjoy falling in love for the first and only time!