Jewish Dating in the New Age

Posted by | January 5th, 2018

According to an article from The Atlantic, younger Jewish singles are following the overall millennial trend. They're getting married later, becoming more secular, and embracing a different culture, and even different faiths. This is somewhat concerning to some Jewish communities since it's always been taught that it's best to marry someone in your own faith and religion.

Why Such a Close-Knitted Community?

The reason being, not just because of religious zeal, but also because scientifically speaking, marriages last longer when both partners share common goals, perspectives, and religious values. It's not just a faith or even the blessing of God that keeps a couple together. The glue of a strong marriage is two partners working towards a common goal. They see the same future. Whereas other couples may drift apart because of changing needs, the long-term couple work towards the same thing and they see no reason why that goal would change.

For religious Jews, this is a simple scenario. They want a family, they want children raised in a Jewish household with an emphasis on the rituals, if not necessarily the orthodox beliefs. Even among non-religious Jews, the desire to meet a mate who understands the Jewish lifestyle is very desirable. This is a community based on family and tradition and it's a worldwide community at that.

The Matchmaker Obligation Extends to the Online World

While in the old days, mothers and fathers usually kept an eye out for an eligible bachelor/bachelorette, the very culture of western civilization has changed. Now single people are more likely to make love connections on the Internet thanks to dating sites and apps, not to mention more mingling on social media—locations where they can meet friends of friends.

While it's easy to let a young man or woman find their own way and make their own mistakes…it's also dangerous to let them go at it alone. No, adult children don't need parents hovering over them and telling them who to marry. But it is reasonable for a mother / father to give advice regarding the best qualities to look for in a mate.

Rather than going one extreme (not caring and leaving them to this jungle of a world we live in!) or the other (trying to demand they marry who you want!) the best thing to do is to remain calm and balanced. Offer your help and give Jewish dating advice when your son or daughter wants it. Give them your trust, but also give them your wisdom. It is, after all, our way of life to respect the will of one's parents. This shows honor.

Filter for the Best Results

Filtering out the wrong type of mate can also be of great help and this is a feature offered by many web services. Filter out not only non-Jewish singles, but use further filtering criteria like income level, age and appearance, location and other lifestyle options like smoking and drinking.

This is the practical way to approach the serious issue of marriage and it will ensure another generation of happy matrimony.