What To Expect From Your Girlfriend's Jewish Family

Dating a Jewish girl is fun, but you might be a little bit nervous about meeting her family. Here are a few things that you can expect from her different family members. Although, of course, all people are different and shouldn't be stereotyped, these descriptions are a good guideline.

• Father

Jewish fathers are not going to be doing the stereotypical "intimidating father protecting his little girl" act. They're genuinely nice guys who will want to sit down and chat with you about various topics. Don't be fooled by their kindly, and often nerdy, exterior however.

They are very sharp and will be able to flatten you with words in a second if they feel that you are not respecting them or if they feel like you are not good enough for their daughter. They aren't likely to do this unless you really misbehave though.

Jewish fathers generally trust their daughters to make their own decisions, but depending on how orthodox they are, they might be a little reluctant to accept you if you're not Jewish.

• Mother

Jewish mothers are a blessing and a curse at the same time. They will welcome you into their home with hugs, loud jokes, and endless offers of food. But don't be fooled. Jewish mothers are lionesses that would kill to protect their children.

If you're dating her daughter, you're actually lucky. While she'll certainly vet you to make sure you're good enough for her daughter, you'll be getting it easy compared to her son's girlfriends.

Jewish mothers are notoriously protective of their sons and no girl will ever truly be good enough, since she'll be comparing those girls cooking, and other skills, to herself. All you need to do is be a good provider and kind, and you're good to go.

• Siblings

You won't struggle to get along with your girlfriend's siblings. They'll be happy to welcome you to the family and will tell you all the embarrassing stories from her childhood that she's been trying to hide.

They'll be a constant presence in your life, just like the parents, since Jewish families are very close to each other. Don't go out of your way to alienate them, since a strained relationship between you and your girlfriend's family could lead to problems in your relationships. Jewish girls are very loyal to their families.

• Your girlfriend

Speaking of loyalty, you can expect it. Once she has become serious about you, you will become a part of her family. That means that the extreme loyalty she has to them will now be applied to you as well.

This loyalty will make her defend you in all ways. Nobody will accidentally spill a drink on you in a club without apologizing ever again if she's around.

If your Jewish dating adventure ends up in a long-term relationship including having children, you can be sure that they'll be well-protected. In the same way that her mother made sure that she was never hurt by anyone, she will make sure that nobody ever dares to harm a hair on her children's heads.