What it's Like Dating a Jewish Girl

Posted by bestjewishdatingsites.com | July 9th, 2018

Interracial dating or inter-religion dating can be fun and exciting. It's also a little bit intimidating to some. If you've spotted a cute Jewish girl that you'd like to get to know better, you might be worried about what to expect and how to act around her. Don't worry, there aren't too many differences, and it's unlikely that you'll mess it up.

Jewish culture is all about family and warmth. Here are a few things you can expect when you are dating a Jewish girl.

1.Her family will treat you like one of their own

Sure, there are the exceptions (usually in more conservative countries) where a Jewish family would prefer that their children marry people of the same religion. In most places though, they won't care that you're a gentile.

The day you meet her parents will be a day to remember. You'll be welcomed with hugs, offers of food, laughter, and even more offers of food. Luckily for you, home-cooked Jewish food is absolutely delicious.

Her family will most likely be extremely important to her, so be sure to embrace them as a part of your life.

2.She won't give you trouble over your religious beliefs

Most Jewish girls aren't bothered by people of different religions. In fact, she might find it exceptionally interesting or exciting. She's just as interested in celebrating a traditional Christmas, or Diwali, or whatever with your family as you are to celebrate her holidays with her.

It's fun, it's new, and it's exciting. If anything, the difference in background will make your relationship way more exciting than usual.

3.Jewish girls love fun

You'll struggle to find a repressed girl in this culture. Expect loud laughing, many jokes, and an extra glass of wine along with dinners. Jewish people follow rules that they call 'mitzvah', which are commandments from God.

One of these commandments is to have a fulfilling sex life with their life-partner, and another is to always partake in celebrations! You'll always have a good time when you have a Jewish girlfriend around.

4.She'll fight for you

Jewish girls are extremely loyal. Someone disrespecting you? She'll make it known that she has a problem with it. Going through a tough time? She'll help you however she can.

It may take a while before she completely gives her heart to you, but once she has, you have a Jewish dating partner that would do anything for you as long as you treat her well. This loyalty will extend to your children as well, if you get married.

5.You'll never be hungry

Jewish girls learn how to make traditional dishes from their mothers. This means that you'll always be eating some delicious meal that will make you consider converting. You'll never want to go back to boring old chicken soup once you've tried matzo ball soup.

There's always a snack around in a Jewish household, so start stocking up on pants with elastic waistbands now! You'll need it down the line.