The modern-day approach to dating has couples moving faster than ever. With the option to Swipe Right for the love of your life, many religious individuals feel like their needs are being left out in the cold. Niche dating sites that cater to particular aspects of singles are slowly making their way onto the internet dating scene. One of the newest additions – JewishDatingSite.Net – promises users a one-of-a-kind experience that is everything they are looking for when it comes to finding faith-based-love, online.

This site is geared towards singles of the Jewish faith takes the typical approach to account set up. New registrants will be asked to enter their first and last name as well as their location and age group to get started. The profile set up process takes roughly 30 to 40 minutes to complete. Users will be asked to supply information about themselves including filling out the various sections of their profile such as “About Me” and “About My Match”. In the last step, users will specify the specific characteristics they are interested in in a partner. This includes the denomination of Jewish faith which they follow, preferences regarding age, income level, and smoking/drinking habits, and desires for a relationship. All new profiles must be approved before they will go live. While your profile is pending approval you will still be able to access match results and start making contact.

MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS promises a one-of-a-kind experience for all of their members. The two membership options come in the form of the Standard free edition and the Gold paid version. If you choose to stick with the Standard membership, you will be missing out on over 40 different exclusive features offered by this company. The free membership does not allow users to directly contact matches nor does it allow access to things like premium customer service, the community forum, of features like Let’s Meet.

The Gold membership is available at the reasonable starting price of $49.95 per month for one month with no commitment. Users who opt for the three month or six month membership will have the option to save up to 60% on the overall cost. For example, the six month membership plan when paid in full averages to 19.95 per month.

The plethora of features offered by Jewish Dating Site help set it apart from the competition. There are a variety of small features such as lists, the community forum, member identity verification, and the Hot Topic community question and answer section, which users can enjoy. A few of the more unique features include:

·Jewish Date Ideas. Coming up with the right first date idea doesn’t have to be a chore. This site offers a section where users pitch and discuss different date ideas to enjoy. This feature gives users an advantage when it comes to planning the perfect date because they can get new, exciting ideas and see the response before planning.

·Status Updates/Comments. Making updates to your profile helps boost your rank within match results. The status updates feature shows users a ticker of activity from their potential matches. This makes it easier to see who is online and gives members the option to comment on the updates of others to show their interest.

·Jewish Dating Advice. Dating advice continues to be one of the most search topics online. The advice column allows users to access professional tips and tricks for making their experience with online dating and relationships a success.

·Let’s Meet. The benefits of fast moving dating applications cannot be understated. has integrated the popular fast swiping option into their platform. Users are then able to quickly peruse available matches and narrow down those who pique their interest.

Security in the online dating world is easily one of the most important things that any website can offer. On, you will find it clearly stated that they are committed to never releasing information about their users to third parties. This is important because lesser quality companies often sell user information as a way to profit off those companies that are known to send out spam or use account information for identity theft.

A few other security features are also integrated into this site. The first is safe communication through the email or instant messaging platforms. The second is identity verification for all members who are willing to submit their photo identification card along with their profile. It is a basic step which provides additional safety to members.

Members with Gold membership will have access to priority support via email or phone, 24/7/365. To make the process of finding help easier, there is also a detailed FAQ section that answers many common questions about how to operate the site and get the most out of its features.

With more features than the average dating site and a focus on creating the best faith-based experience, really does offer it all. The company is dedicated to its faith-based-singles and offering a safe platform that caters to their specific needs in finding love and cultivating a solid relationship. Online dating continues to be the best way to meet people in the modern age, now this site offers the right environment and experience for Jewish singles to thrive too.

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