Best Jewish dating sites – Privacy Policy

As we wish to instill confidence in the minds of our users and to demonstrate our commitment, we have towards the privacy of the personal information on our customers; we have created the following privacy policy. The personal and private information shared by you on this site will he held by us with the highest regard and to assure you we furnish below our practices observed in the collection of information from our customers.

We are aware of the seriousness involved in keeping your information private and our privacy policy has been designed to help you better understand the method we use to collect your privacy information and use of it, so that it will enable you take an informed decision in dealing with our site and sharing your private information. Our Privacy policy will be assessed on an ongoing basis with the help of the existing and emerging technologies, business ethics practiced around the world in order the satisfy the needs of our customers.

While collecting the information, we collect two types of information. The two types are Personal information and Web site use information.

Web site use information

We use cookies for collection of information in logs by our web server. The information collected is time and date of your visit, pages viewed, usage time on the website and the details of your visit to other sites prior to and after visit to our site.

Personal Information

When you correspond with us by email, we retain your email address and mail contents and our responses by way of our reply. We also accord the same protections for your communication, that we use in the maintenance of information received from you by mail or telephone.

Information provided by you and our use of your information

The information furnished is used mainly for administration of our business, payment processing, provision and monitoring of our services, customization and improving the content information of our site and for other lawful purposes. We do not share any of your business information or your personal information with any other third party unless such information sharing is a must under the law. We also use your information to help us notify you about our introduction of new services and offers. In case, you feel that you do not wish to receive any such communication from us, kindly advise us by email, so that we make a record of your wish.